Speed Dating Seduction Formulas

The Two Key Speed sex dating Seduction Formulas For Banging Babes Like CRAZY!

Formula #1: For Pick Ups/Initial Approaches and  Breaking A singles dating Woman’s Resistance!

1.Break the woman’s current state/fixed belief set.

2. Focus her attention on u.

3. Take control of her internal representations.

Formula #2: For Virtually ANY adult dating Situation!

1. Create the state

2. Bind/link it 2u


Basic Principles:

*Look 4an opening at 1st u might have 2test different approaches 2get a strong response.

*People r basically hypnosis machines. They know how 2resist being given reasons and data and info, but they AREN’T used 2having the process and direction of their thoughts shaped and directed, so they DON’T resist that.

*Every decision is constantly being remade and every decision is state depen¬dent. If u don’t like the decision, change the state 1st.

*Time distortion is perhaps the most powerful tool u can use. If u don’t want any resistance or want 2get past resistance u do encounter, take some1 into a future where they r looking back on already having given u what u want and already having enjoyed it immensely. How can they resist what their mind things has already hap¬pened?

*However u can do it, create states of powerful emotional connection, b4 moving on 2 sexual arousal,

Time Distortion
Key time distortion phrases are: After u … After we …  Won’t it be great after …  Looking forward 2 …  Imagine a time in the future

Ex:  *Time distortion used in incredible connection patterns*

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