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  1. photo of karencares, Female


    23, Female

    I am Karen Anderson,28 years of age,single,never been married,The man i was surpposed to get maried to cheated on me..and it took me a year and half to get over what she did to me...i would love to tell you more about me... So what do you like to do for fun? Your hobbies and interests can reveal a lot about you, and I'd like to learn more. Is there anything special that you're passionate about? I love swimming, taking walks down the park, observing nature, running and walking, I also love cooking and taking walks by the sea side, I'm passionate about a candle lit dinner with i and my partner holding hands together and sharing intimate things about each other. Are you close to your family? I was asking if you're close to your family in the emotional kind of way, but now that I think about it, do they live nearby, too? I'm not really close to my family, coos I don't have one, but each day and night I really miss them all, they don't live nearby. How would you describe your sense of humor? Some people like silly slapstick, while others go for more subtle stuff. What tickles your funny bone? My sense of humor is quite interesting, I'm shy at first but as we get closer I feel free to express my heart desires. What kind of food do you like? Do you have a favorite restaurant? Some like hot and spicy, others prefer comfort food. If you had to pick one type of food, what would you say is your favorite? I love American food and also Italian food and most times, I love to cook for myself. I love Mc Donald. I love comfort food. Wow! We could be a match. It seems like we have a lot in common. I'd love to talk to you more and see what develops. What do you think? Well my life has been filled with heartbreaks and i don't want anymore hurt or pains, I want to find a man, who wants a relationship based on "Truth, Real Love (not **** love), Compassion, Friendship, Loyalty, and Honesty!!!! I also want to be able to be "Romantic" to him with Love, not her telling me things like "If you love me, you will do "this or that" for me". I want to be able to do anything to make him happy, because "I Love Him", not because he tells me to do it. Know what I mean? I want to feel EXCITED when we kiss!! When we hug!! When we hold hands while we are in public or our home. I'm a realistic lost my folks when i was 5,i grew up with my grand parents whom i lost in the hurricane in ...I really don't have anyone close to me in my life except them and now presently am all alone and it's only the almighty God that's keeping me alive. I am not "materialistic"!! I would rather have someone to respect, care for, and love from my heart & soul, then money!! Yes, money is nice, but it can't buy you real love. I just want it to be, that anything we were to "own", as "ours", not "mine" or "yours". Yes, I know that there are something's that will be mine, and he's, but do you know what I mean? I want to be able to "spoil him" by opening a door for him, or carrying things for him, taking his shoes off when he's back from work, for no special reason, but that I care for him. I too, have been hurt by the opposite ****, but I don't hold it against other men, because they have not hurt me yet. I hope that we can get to know each other better, and see how things might go. I cannot "promise" that I might say or do something that hurts you, but I can promise that if I do, it won't be on purpose, it will be on accident. See, I don't know everything about your past yet, and I don't know what upsets you right now, but hope to know you better, so I don't say or do anything to upset you, because I hate that when I upset someone special to me. I love going out, taking walks down the park and thinking about my life, I love observing nature and cooking is also one of my hobbies. I love romantic movies. Can you tell me more about yourself? What do you really enjoy doing? What you do to have fun? What makes you laugh, smile, and cry? What kinds of music and movies do you like? I love romantic movies

  2. photo of devilangle, Couple (M-F)


    20, Couple (M-F)

    we're loooking for a std free female
    Looking Description: single/ bi female

  3. photo of michy213, Male


    25, Male

    I have an insatiable appetite to learn and try new things and think that the world is exciting precisely because of its infinite variety and complexity. My favorite quote is by an author named Henry Thoreau who once wrote: "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live life which he has imagined he will meet with a success unexpected in commons hours". I believe the only thing you get to keep is what you give away. Francis Dunnery said that. I have lots of love to give away. I said that. Lastly, if you can deal with the fact that I'm inevitably late to everything despite having the best intentions then we might just have a match!

  4. photo of boeings1, Male


    34, Male

    adventerous,discreet and looking for some fun
    Looking Description: looking for hoest commited gay couple to help me discover

  5. photo of michaellagracie, Female


    32, Female

    just ask me later about it
    Looking Description: just ask me later about it

  6. photo of Stallion9, Male


    28, Male

    i am hungry want mature ladies to have fun with
    Looking Description: still sexy with high sexdrive (horny) if possible with longer hair not looking for a relationship, just for sex