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  1. photo of tbreiter88, Male


    35, Male

    im a man how knows what he wants and is going to get it.. i like to have fun but mostly like to fuck... ladys com on and give it a try.
    Looking Description: i want someone to have fun with but also got down with whan the time is right... and than make that pussy com for hours!!!!!!!!!

  2. photo of timmeb, Male


    33, Male

    im a man who knows what he wants and will sotp at nothing to get it so ladys com and get some dick!
    Looking Description: ladys my name is tim and i am hot if you think you can handle this bring it on and lets see what you got under that scert!!

  3. photo of bonnah, Female


    33, Female

    I am a nice lady who is caring, romantic, loving and serious , I am a lady who love going out for walk , swimming , and watching romantic movies, I am interested and willing to have a nice man to settle down and have a happy family with a man whom I will call my love and I hope it turns to be you.
    Looking Description: i am willing to have a man from the age of 30 to 60 to be with, a man whom I will share my life with and a man who is willing to settle down and have a happy family ok and I promise to make that man a happy man. I am will

  4. photo of Alloe, Female


    27, Female

    well im CRAZY, SEXY, COOL, FUN, FUNNY, HAPPY and I love to party........im looking for u...yes u...so cum n get me!!!!
    Looking Description: My preference is u have to be smart, funny and sexy....oh yea n u have to be crazy for me ...lol.im waitin for u .................sooo cumm n get me

  5. photo of dumbass, Female


    30, Female

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  6. photo of toff, Female


    27, Female

    Am tinna from indiana and am looking for a man that will love me for what i am and not for what i was and good caring man with affection to me and i will always do to her as i promise to be and not to break his heat for ever and till enternityand elways love him too.
    Looking Description: Am tinna from indiana and am looking for a man that will love me for what i am and not for what i was and good caring man with affection to me