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  1. photo of livingruff, Men


    23, Men

    middle aged needs a change
    Looking Description: Looking to meet my dream mate one that likes to enjoy life. looks don't matter I just want a lady that is true to her mate. she would have to enjoy weekend trips as I have been caged I really need to live life with a mate that i could pamper with love and effection. I miss the spark in my life.

  2. photo of angelaine, Women


    32, Women

    Hi i'm aine... just call me angel ok,. I'm looking for someone who loves to talk to me of course.. I'm an understanding person looking for love.. Well i'm a little bit shy but i know i can shake it off depending on the guy i'm into.. Of course i love sex, and i'm looking for those who is physically and mentally fit for sex, but, take note, that this doesn't mean that i want to hook up with all the guys out there... What i love about the guys is their softness, and then their hardness,, and then their softness... Get what i mean.. lol I usually do chats because I find it very challenging. Imagine discussing matters to people all around the globe. Discrimination is one thing i hate the most.. I do chess and swimming, biking, I love watching basketball and a fan of the detroit pistons... I hate people especially man who are not sincere, can't understand and most of all narrow minded. Mind that I'm an understanding and a very patient person..I would love to chat and spent my time in front of my PC..Id rather be alone than get into a boring party ... I'd rather chat than smoke but this doesn't mean that i hate smokers ok!! I understand that all of us has its own strengths and weaknesses..I'd love to talk more, but i don't even know and not even sure if someone wants to talk to me here.. Do you find my profile worthy of your time?? If so, well i think you and I really have something in here.. Would you mind giving it a try?

  3. photo of hotshot1133, Men


    24, Men

    hey just young and looking for some casual fun. maybe up camping or something if your into that stuff..
    Looking Description: looking for a petite little woman... i like to be in complete control and be able to toss you around the way i like. likeing the outdoors is a plus toooo

  4. photo of IndianaCouple4Fun, Couple (M-W)


    34, Couple (M-W)

    Were an average curious couple looking to explore into the new world. we have no baggage nor drama to offer and expect the same in return.
    Looking Description: Were looking for a real female who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. someone fun,energetic and can fulllfill our sex drive.

  5. photo of introvi, Men


    30, Men

    “Not down there. Up there.” He stuck the pistol under Anders’ chin and pushed it upward until Anders was looking at the ceiling. Anders had never paid much attention to that part of the bank, a pompous old building with marble floors and counters and pillars, and gilt scrollwork over the tellers’ cages. The domed ceiling had been decorated with mythological figures whose fleshy, toga-draped ugliness Anders had taken in at a glance many years earlier and afterward declined to notice. Now he had no choice but to scrutinize the painter’s work. It was even worse than he remembered, and all of it executed with the utmost gravity. The artist had a few tricks up his sleeve and used them again and again – a certain rosy blush on the underside of the clouds, a coy backward glance on the faces of the cupids and fauns. The ceiling was crowded with various dramas, but the one that caught Anders’ eye was Zeus and Europa – portrayed, in this rendition, as a bull ogling a cow from behind a haystack. To make the cow sexy, the painter had canted her hips suggestively and given her long, droopy eyelashes through which she gazed back at the bull with sultry welcome. The bull wore a smirk and his eyebrows were arched. If there’d been a bubble coming out of his mouth, it would have said, “Hubba hubba.” “What’s so funny, bright boy?” “Nothing.”

  6. photo of Drummer2008, Men


    26, Men

    I love to hang out with friends and have a good time. I love being in a big city. I love animals and I'm going to school to be a veterinarian. I'm looking for friends and people that are interested in just hanging out and having fun. I'm always honest and I'm a big people pleaser. I enjoy talking with new people about anything.
    Looking Description: Fun, smart, outgoing and funny