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  1. photo of icemanonfyre, Male


    30, Male

    Music is an outlet. The notes we write are made up of the blood we've spilled to get to where we are today. anger, frustration, sadness, happiness.. all of these things can be converted into an audio format as we expel these thoughts from our minds.. and if we become good at it, the listener can feel what we felt when we scarred the paper with the pencil that freed us from our inner combustion.. humans are more alike than we wish to believe. and the compassion we can feel for each-other is outstanding, and withstanding. so share with others the notes that you bleed. because there's no better way your mind can be freed. a miracle can spring from one's tragedy. love's a curse that can be mended only once it is returned; then love is a stream, flowing concurrent with your heartbeat, sending your soul soaring skyward and around the universe, that is.. until you're back where you began. if you're even luckier it will keep flowing.. and your love can and will take you anywhere... if you're not so lucky, it'll just leave you stranded: as if you were frozen in time.. and although time will go on.. although time DOES go on.. when you taste love in its bitterest form.. you truly are stuck in a place you can't get yourself out of.. Life is so unpredictable.. you can be talking to someone one minute, and the next they could be gone forever... we need to cherish every day we have and live it like it's our last.. because when you've reached your end, do you wanna lie there and have regrets when there's nothing you can do about it? It's hard to see past a beautiful face in this world.. or even to see past someone we think is "ugly" compared to our superficial standards.. but it's the person underneath the skin, the soul that lives inside our eyes that tells whether or not we're beautiful.. I firmly believe that if you find someone you could fall in love with and they feel the same way you should at least give yourselves a chance to see if you would work out.. and above all I believe it's possible to heal after anything.. even though the memories will always be there to haunt us, and the feelings we felt at those moments will always linger even if it's ever so slightly.. it's possible to move on. I have to believe in this.. peace & love

  2. photo of orgasmicluna, Female


    31, Female

    Like your first taste of beer, I am a bit of a teaser at first. But after your first bottle, you'd feel your body heat up. Then you'd want more of this refreshing drink that gives you tingle down your spine. After another round, you become wildly addicted. That's me. I'll make you hot and keep you burning 'til you drop. I'll quench your thirst until you sweat yourself out. Electrifying. intense. intoxicating. It's all me. So if you think you're up for the challenge, then come and get me.

  3. photo of corymora, Male


    32, Male

    Looking Description: GIRLS THAT JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN

  4. photo of luca_210, Male


    28, Male

    open mindes nice guy looking for fun
    Looking Description: 18-35

  5. photo of gdtb230, Male


    33, Male

    love to have a good time..
    Looking Description: fun outgoing female

  6. photo of Aplicado, Male


    26, Male

    Looking Description: Woman for casual relationship