Accept Same Sex Couples

Imagine with me if you want a world and a place where people who date, married, bought houses together, high, operated in their favorite soap operas, children their heroes and heroines of history the greatest love and … were of the same sex. But then one day a marginal group of people are against the establishment decided to proclaim that there is also love under his group was.

The pair of the same loving sexing of people not heard of him! How can I was upstaged by these men and women who claimed that you love one another? The marginal group has no history together as couples of the same sex dating had no power or State. So gay chose only to “allow” like continuing between man and man and woman and woman …as it always has been.

It takes a stretch of the imagination to see love as only between a man and a wom

an or a woman and a man is not where? Especially because it is not conditioned with the images of the same sex as you with the other, or raised on the understanding that the attraction of the same sex a normal expression of sexuality of some people.

In response to the ignorance and fear he lives in a society that claims to confine only towards same sex couples romantic love and gay people in love with each other and to celebrate this experience, is vilified demonized and degraded.

The answer … that I raised to believe in his style of life, is an excuse to take by not having an own opinion or one that is willing to take responsibility. He lives in a world with billions of people with different preferences, some of which are healthy and the other not so much. Love between people of the same sex or marriage isn’t one of the preferences are imprison people in prison during or after the exclusion of the members of their community.

However, is a great distraction from the real issues at hand if you’re married, straight, unhappy couples dating are, Yes, everything destroy its own institution of marriage by infidelity, abuse and neglect.

Carol Jlowe

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