Men in Purple – Makes Men More Attractive to Women

Men Should Wear Purple To Attract A Woman For Dating

New research shows that if a man wants to draw the attention of women dating date, while they should wear purple to increase their chances.Researchers have shown that how dress you can certainly affect your chances of encounters as women are more likely to accept a date of a man clothed in purple.

Women Love Men in Purple

Our expert team at looking PlentySingles for ran the survey, which asked its respondents what would be deal breakers when it came to dating someone. Mode choice seemed to be the main type or pause when it came to go on a date, especially when it came to men’s fashion.Women are picky regarding their choice of dates in the clothing with 28% saying they have declined a date because of their choice of clothing, with only 14% of men admitting the same.

A massive 60 per cent of women said that clothing top dating deal breaker with 17 percent, saying that it was a man from cutting hair and 9 per cent saying that it would be their shoes.

Men in Purple Get More Attraction of Women

Shockingly more than a third of the women said they would be more likely to accept a date of a man who was dressed in purple.

The most desirable color was the color “milk tray” with 32% of the vote, followed closely by the crisp white shirt.

If you are a single man who promotes a blue or pink shirt that you certainly will only home were collected only 11 and 6 percent of the vote.

More than a third of the women reported that they have no problem with the change of wardrobe of the man and 25 percent said believe that there is room for improvement in the wardrobe of their partners.

What is disturbing, 20% of women admit to dictate the style of their partner, but 25 per cent of dating men said they don’t let anyone but themselves dictate their choice of wardrobe.

It is not only women who want to dictate the wardrobe of their partners, 5 per cent of men have admitted to doing the same thing.

One in ten men and women were also admitted to hate an item of clothing from their partner so that they burned it.

This survey shows that the importance of the clothing for us all, men and women.

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