Pansexual and-or Sexual Fluidity

There are a lot of conditions being tossed around nowadays, which I’m watching as a try to get beyond the demanding duality and polarization of men and women. After all, we are long lasting spirits momentarily allocated to a human body and I suppose that the many versions on an idea have always been with us, along with the ever existing demanding brands, interpreting and training of sex and intimate tasks.

Most individuals don’t think too much about this because for them elements are obvious and uncomplicated. Both sex and intimate positioning are on an array even if the volume of us drops within the normal gong contour. And, one can be drawn to a certain kind but not intimately. The variety of categories is growing!

It’s all very complicated, and looking at the zodiac of this is similarly complicated since one must obviously first take in the characteristics of the whole data. However, through of Jeffrey Hair Natural and others, I have seen the following principles carry true:

Recent sex change may be indicated with Pluto or the lunar nodes in the 4th / Tenth home axis. This fits with some psychological confusion if (from a previous lifestyle perspective) the change is very newest. Barbara Side Clown also refers to the Mars / Venus association.

For common styles of gay/bisexual, the Scorpio / Taurus axis is always suggested as a factor in some style, particularly if including Pluto, Mars, Venus or Chiron. But, there is also nearly always a powerful Gemini, Leo or Aquarius trademark, such as Venus in Gemini in the 8th home, or Mars in Aquarius rectangle Pluto. With the Mars / Venus association, I have discovered a consistent relationship with the balsamic stage but not the new stage.

Pisces is often an associated trademark, which might offer the capability to be pretty start and boundaries when confronted with the more exclusive and different orientations. I see Mars, or some other powerful Pisces trademark regularly when learning index charts particularly of same sex positioning.

And then there is the exciting Virgo relationship that reveals up with transsexual or transgender situations, which would offer the capability to ideal and increase upon what is in position.

If I were to absolutely let myself go previous the limitations of training, I would probably contact myself pansexual as I have at once or another discovered myself powerfully drawn to someone in almost every classification there is. That doesn’t mean I have or will act upon these wishes, it basically reveals up my thoughts to how liquid this whole position of our humankind is.

Carol Jlowe

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