Sex Hookup Tips for Single Guys and Girls

Every man want that his partner understand him as better lover even after he can not say anything. But the studies say that the main reason why men want sexual affair with women, because they are not satisfied with their sex hookup life.

The second reason is that they can not say to their partner. But when women want sex from their partners there is no need to say. The men personals automatic understand their feeling.

But the big problem to get great sex hookup is that men and women are very different in their feeling. It is very difficult to understand for both to each other, and many differences that have profound biological origin are linked to our survival as a species of origin. If you are a woman, four of the most important thing guys want to know is.

1. We men are very visual. There is a reason why men like porn more than women and why they watch a beautiful woman in the street. Men are mostly visual. It comes from the cavemen when the male had to take his best woman in appearance, it is true that men react more quickly to the appearance that a woman does.

So, play visual needs of man trying to look good for him, dress sexy and with makeup. You can also watch an erotic film together and lots of soft porn movies you can rent at your local library of films is much concern, but is much more interesting and flavorful than hardcore. It also appeals to sex partners women and generally women and couples, as their main market, rather than just men.

2. We like to tell us what you like. Men want to give their partner the most pleasure, but they need to know what you want. For every woman is different and the body of a woman much more sensitive than a man. Tell him that this kind of thing that makes you happy – and those who do not.

Tell him you want him to use a pressure more or less, be faster or slower, and where you want him to lay his hands, mouth or other parts. You may feel a bit uncomfortable to tell him at first, but be brave; build trust, when the partners are able to share their thoughts with each other without fear of condemnation.

3. Our penis is our genitals. Seems pretty obvious, but the vast majority of the pleasure of a man comes from the stimulation of her genitals. In contrast, a woman much more sensitive than the rest of his body while having sex hookup and generally prefer some warming up before his genitals are stimulated. But not for a man. He really appreciates if you focus on her genitals.

4. We like to give and receive. Men love it when women feel that sex partnership 50/50. Even though men are reluctant to give up, if a woman is not reciprocal, it may feel resentment. Find what you like the man (yes, you can invite too!) And shows that you really want to give to him. Will responsibility to give you everything you want!

The ladies, many of them do not come naturally to you, and can certainly seem counter intuitive. However, they are the types of problems that women want to know. Practice the above tips will not only make your time in bed more enjoyable is your man strives to be the best lover you can.

Carol Jlowe

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