Why Men Don’t Like To Wear Condoms During Sex With Their Partner

With so many different types of contraceptives to select from like flavorful, fragrant, ribbed, studded, passable, shaded, lubed, tingles, ticklers to superstar image contraceptives like Gene Simmons completely prolonged lips operating down the duration of the condom; you would think that there would be one to match every man. But, still men grumble that contraceptives affect the feelings, create interest reduce and lessen their impotence.

Men will use any reason not to use a condom if you let them, such as, “It’ destroys the mood”, “I’m too big” and my preferred is “If you really proper value me, then you should believe in me because you are the only one.”

What is even more awesome is that being disloyal men never use contraceptives. Understand from the faults of Bob Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger who both had relationships, got someone expecting and demolished their weddings.

Women need to require on men dressed in contraceptives, even if this implies placing them on personally or with their lips to secure themselves from and having a baby.

What You Have to Do When Your Men Don’t Want To Wear

1. Select a special flavored condom from a preferred brand
2. Get your man excited so that his penis becomes hard
3. Be sure when opening the condom to be careful. Open it closest to the corners so that you won’t damage the condom itself
4. Once you have removed the condom from the package, turn the condom inside out, placing it in front of your teeth and behind your lips
5. Slip your tongue into the receptacle hole leaving room for when he ejaculates
6. Once you have the condom inverted in your mouth so that it will slide on correctly, push the condom onto the head with just your lips
7. Sucking gently on the receptacle to insure there is enough room for the semen, wrap your lips around the head of the penis rolling the condom down with your lips as you go towards the testes

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