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They have nothing to live for in my meet women opinion. If seducing a good looking women isn’t the goal of your 20’s or 30’s go to the doctor and check to see if your balls are still functioning. Sexual desire is what has motivated men of the world to their stroke of genius.

I get asked how I meet women quite a bit here in San Diego meet women and it has nothing to do with my involvement in nightlife. It has to do with my method. Instead of reading some book that wastes more of your time and confuses you, please just follow my step by step outline and watch your life improve. When it does I’d love to here about it.

Hand it to a girl any girl anywhere and introduce yourself. This step to meet men seems easy but somehow it is routinely the hardest. Does this to a hot girl, fat girl, thin girl whatever just make sure it’s a girl. Now the item will either be accepted or rejected.

Don’t take this as meet women personal. If its a drink that cost you 10 dollars and you make 40 an hour you basically wasted a meaningless portion of your life anyway; get the fuck over it and move on.

Older Dating Men Want To Meet Women

Now why’d I say give the drink to an un-attractive girl or fat girl, well there are a lot of reasons but most importantly it puts you in contact with girls. Now you see every older dating fat friend has an attractive female counterpart.

This is due to the fact that fatties like having a hot girl friend to make them feel better about themselves and hogties like to meet women they can look down on. Women are referral based and don’t judge you based on looks as much as you’d probably think.

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