Why Women Turn Off Relationship with You

You are thinking that why this happen only with me. Even I am try my best to start relationship with women. Even your first date going well. Off curse you have long time chatting with that women online dating site and than after your all good try she turn off you.

Than here is some reason that all women think that this is not my Mr. Perfect for lifetime or to married. So, just read carefully here PlentySingles about your fault in your first date. And mistake that doing while you chat online.

Biggest Dating Mistake That Turn off Your Women

Now I am starting with online mistake because your first meeting starts with women using our site on internet. I am not explaining deeply that how you can register? How to Search? How to find true real profile this entire thing you can learn here.

Here I am explaining you online mistake that you are doing while chat with your mate for first time. List of question that you never ask while you start first message.

  1. Never Ask for Name:

If you are asking her name than suddenly they turn off you because she know that you are just message her for time pass. Other wise you first read her full profile and know her interest and than start chat with her.

  1. Don’t Ask Directly for Sex:

It’s true that you read her profile and she is also interested in sex. But not prostitute girl or women that ready to sleep with you for money. She is real women who actually want men who satisfied her sex life and real life also not just sex and live it.

If you are here for sex only than don’t be depressed and select that girl profile that ready for one night stand only.

Not Start with Personal Excuses

“I am single man and my family not allows me to go out side home with other girls. So, hidden way I am creating profile and you meet me.” Not start with this way she is not here to listen your personal story. She is just waiting for charming, handsome and confidential man. Who warm her bed at night and love her at day.

This is all about online chat do and don’t. Within two or three meeting online she is ready to come with you for physical date. That time your actual personality comes out. When you first time meet hot, sexy, charming and smart woman near to you on hotel table. How you can impress her on face to face date that you can try.

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